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Temperature Converter

 Temperature Converter  Temperature converter is used to find other temperature units. We can calculate temperature by using temperature conversion formula. In electronics circuits , we used temperature sensors for temperature monitoring and overheating.    Usually Celsius scale is used to display temperature of atmosphere, but as of humans temperature measured in Fahrenheit.   Temperature Converter Formula Temperature converter formula to find values in Celsius to Fahrenheit, Kelvin  Celsius            ⇨      Fahrenheit:        F =   C(9/5) + 32 Fahrenheit     ⇨       Celsius :               C = (F-32) (5/9) Celsius           ⇨       Kelvin:                K = C + 273.15 Fahrenheit     ⇨      Kelvin:                K =   (F-32) (5/9) + 273.15 Kelvin            ⇨        Celsius :               C = K - 273.15 Kelvin            ⇨       Fahrenheit:        F = (K-273.15) (9/5) + 32 Temperature Converter Temperature Converter

Capacitor Unit Converter, Capacitor Types, usage

Capacitor Unit Converter, Capacitor Types, and Usage A Capacitor is an electronic component or device that stores energy. that depends on the types of  different dielectric materials. The capacitor is used in a large number of electronic circuits and electrical components.  The Capacitor unit is a farad, also microfarad, and picofarad units are also used. It stored capacitance in it. Types of Capacitors and their applications It is divided into many types as per characteristics. We can categorize them according to their construction and are used in many devices. You can understand it from its symbol. It contains two plate symbols with a dielectric between these plates. We differentiate capacitor types according to their working and manufacturing. e.g. Air capacitors, Paper capacitors, Mica capacitors, etc. Capacitor Converter Capacitor Converter Enter value in picofarads (pF):

RJ45 pinout and Types of connection

RJ45 pinout and types for Ethernet connections RJ45 is a connector used for ethernet connection with cat5 or cat6 cables. RJ45 stands for registered jack number 45. It is an eight-pin connecter used to connect unshielded twisted pair communication cables. It is used to connect PC to PC, PC to Printers, or PC to electronics equipment . It has a vital role in network applications. Cat6 cable used for RJ45 cable connection. We also know them as UTP cables. It consists of eight-pin connector and eight positions for wiring. The arrangement depends on the type of connections. Types of cables We usually classify communications into different types based on wiring standards. Ethernet patch cable consists of fiber optic, coaxial cables, and copper pair of wires. For the ethernet cable, we often used cat5 and cat6 cables. A twisted pair cable with rj45 connectors. RJ45 connector wiring Different standards are used for computer networking. We categorize RJ45 pinout according to different conne

Arduino Apps for genius

  Arduino apps for Android and Windows We know that Arduino Apps is used for programming, but we could run it on Windows and Android. As it depends on the availability of a programming device for our projects. This application also works for the Arduino Bluetooth Android project. These Applications can help to learn and create electronic projects . I will describe the functions and introduction of the following: application and also support systems required to run. List of Arduino programming applications for Android Android Apps for Electronics Solutions. It is an easy-to-use Arduino Application in Apple Android. Arduino Droid app for Mobiles Droid v   4.9.1 . Droid is a short form of Android; it means a robot. The Droid app works on PC and, an example of Arduino Android is also available. It includes IDE, compiler, and up-loader. the mobile memory should be enough, and it can't be set up on an SD card for the Android protection policy. The second picture shows a menu, it l

Logic gates, Types with Symbols

Logic gates  “Logic gates are digital circuits or electronic circuits that manipulate  voltages, so, in effect, they manipulate the binary ones and zeros  which are moving around inside your computer.” Logic gates , and the innovative ways in which they may be combined, are thus necessary for the proper functioning of a digital computer. Boolean expression “The relationship between input and output is called Boolean expression and is  represented in binary numbers.” Binary numbers have only two possibilities. Zero and one. When dealing with the circuits, zero corresponds with the circuit in the off state and one corresponds with the circuit in the on state.  So, if we are dealing with true or false statements zero is considered false and one is considered true. If you are dealing with voltage an off-state would have zero volts and an on-stage will have a voltage more than zero.  Types of logic gates There are basically seven types of logic gates which are further classified into three
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