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Arduino Nano pins. Function with Diagram and Details

Arduino Nano pinout details with schematic The Arduino Nano is a compact microcontroller board based on the ATmega328P (or ATmega168 in older versions) . Nano contains Atmega328P Microcontroller as the main chip. Nano uses a small jack for the DC power supply.  For the USB interface and power, it uses a mini-USB type B cable.   It is an electronic experimental board and being small in size,  we could install it easily in our projects . It has more analog pins than Uno, so very helpful to create controlling type electronics projects . Arduino Nano pin Diagram The pinout of Arduino Nano is very easy to understand if you look at the board. Arduino Nano Board Details The Arduino Nano contains the Atmega328P chip as the major component of the board. The board has four LEDs for different identification. For ON, RX for receiving data, TX for transmitting data, and L for loading the program. Atmega328P Datasheet To learn Arduino Nano pin out it is necessary to understand the datasheet of

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