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Arduino Kits for beginners

Arduino Kits

Arduino kits are providing the ability to learn electronics easily. You can make your own projects in a few minutes. Making a circuit on a PCB is a hard job, and it requires excellent skills in soldering. Also, it consumes a lot of time. Assembling components is another problem.

But electronic portable kits solve the issue. You can gain knowledge from Arduino starter kits because the kits include project books and different varieties of sensor modules that directly connect and reconnect just in a few steps.

Arduino Starter Kit (official)

This is the official Arduino starter kit from the original manufacturer, kit. This is a complete package, including the Arduino starter kit manual. This manual contains practical images and schematics diagrams to understand well. 

The manual covers not only project making areas; also it has information about Arduino IDE software installation on Windows/MAC OS X, and Linux.

Every Project/lesson comprises example codes. So just read and build your own project. It also contains a wooden base, electronic sensors, a manual book, etc, as given below.

Arduino Kits for beginners

The Starter Kit Items

01 - Arduino Uno R3 Board
01 - Pre-cut Wooden Base
(contains mounting spaces & cuts for Arduino & sensors Installation) 
01 - 9V battery snap
70 - Jumper wires
01 - Strand jumper wires (Black, Red & White)
03 - Potentiometer (10 K ohms)
10 - Pushbutton
06 - Phototransistors
01 - TMP36-Temperature Sensor
01 - Tilt Sensor
01 - 1602 LCD(2x16 )
08 - LEDs (red, green, yellow)
01 - LED white/RGB
03 - LED Blue
01 - Small DC motor (6 ~9V)
01 - Servo motor
01 - Piezo Sensor
01 - 1H Bridge motor driver (L293D)
02 - MOSFET Transistors (IRF520)
01 - Optocoupler (4N35)
05 - Diodes (IN4007 )
05 - Capacitors (100uF)
20 - Resistors (220/10K ohms)
05 - Resistors (560/1K/4.7K/1M/10M ohms)
01 - Pinstripe (male) 40x1
03 - Transparent gels

Sparkfun inventor's kit for Projects

This is Sparkfun inventor's kit-v 4.1. If you want to learn about programming languages for electronic use, the Sparkfun kit could be helpful. It is a small Arduino robot kit for starting from zero.

The SparkFun Arduino starter kit has a red board compatible with Arduino IDE. It has an instruction manual including a kit material Box. The Sparkfun Kit comprises 16 interesting projects for newbies and for experts.
The manual including the kit is full of many interesting projects of lights, sounds, motion, and also on the LCD display. You can assemble the kit and make robotic car projects.


Arduino Kits for beginners

Inventor's Parts

01 x Sparkfun Red Board (Arduino Uno compatible)
01 x Motor Driver board
01 x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
01 x SparkFun Inventor's Kit manual
01 x Breadboard solderless
01 x Holder for Arduino and breadboard
01 x A Small Box 
01 x mini screwdriver
01 x 16x2 LCD with the header
01 x Motor driver board with header
01 x Servo motor
01 x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
01 x TMP36 Temp Sensor
01 x Photocell
01 x Potentiometer 10K
01 x Mini power switch
01 x Battery holder AA
01 x Piezo speaker
01 - Tricolor LED
Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green LEDs
Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green LEDs
Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Tactile Buttons
330 and 10K Resistors
Binder Clip
Dual-Lock Fastener

Grove starter Kit

Grove starter kit has an Arduino compatible board from Seeeduino lotus and is based on the Atmega 320P micro-controller. The advantage of the kit is that you don't require any breadboard, jumper wires.
Grove starter kit is not the same as other starter kits, it is all in one kit. It contains10 additional Grove Arduino sensors. The Starter kit with tutorials of 70 pages, including 12 step-by-step tutorials for your projects.
The Grove starter kit is compatible with over 300 different pre-wired sensors.

Arduino Kits for beginners

This is an Arduino UNO basic starter kit for students and hobbyists. If you want to learn, how to start with an Arduino board and assemble projects with basic knowledge.
For Arduino starter projects, the kit contains necessary items. Geekcreit upgraded the kit version. It has sensors and actuators for creating complex projects. 
This is a cheap kit with a carton box from Banggood. But it's working fine as I already use that’s one.

Arduino Kits for beginners

 Note: Package material with carton packing

Starter kit Parts

Arduino Kits for beginners

Arduino Kits for Projects

The kit contains 50 different electronic components and more than 180 components for advanced users. You can make and program security and monitoring type projects for your home and your offices. 
No need for any soldering, just add components in Breadboard and make ready for testing. 
It includes a resistance color code card with the Arduino kit to find the resistor value. With the joystick and LCD/LED display, you can prepare a games program.

Arduino Kits for beginners

   Package list:

Arduino Kits for beginners


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