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How to make Robot Eyes with OLED display ?

Robot Eyes for robotic projects How to make robot eyes in a simple way with an OLED display? In this blog, I am going to explain with the help of pictures and the code. Robotic eyes make your robotic project very interactive. It depends on the specific goals and applications of the project. Robotic eyes with displays offer a wide range of benefits across various robotics projects. There are different types of projects for robot eyes that have their own requirements. but I am going to explain the simple blinking eyes with an OLED display and Arduino. This is very useful for beginners and learners to understand the level of robotic parts. Material Required 1- Arduino Uno                                                  01 No 2- OLED 0.96”(128x64)(with I2C interface )     01 No 3- Jumper wires                                                04 No’s 4- Breadboard (Optional )                                 01 No                                                 This is a simple project tha

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