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1k/10k Resistor color code chart, 5 Band

1k/10k Resistor color code chart A resistor is a general electronic component used in electronic circuits. It protects the circuits from over-current and maintains the limit of signals. It is a passive component of the integrated circuits. The resistor value expresses in resistance, and the unit is the ohm. What is the resistor color code? To identify the value of the resistor, we can use two methods, calculating the ohm resistor value ( resistor calculator ) or by resistor color code (truth table). A resistor calculator or a resistor color code table is used to understand the value of the resistor. We use these methods for normal-size resistors. At the capacitor, the code number is printed on it. There is a significant digit number code written on SMD-type resistors and capacitors. But 5 watt or more wattage metal oxide film resistor contains written detail. Also, a high-voltage resistor, that is used in printers and copier machines, has written specifications on it. How resistor col

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