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Temperature Converter

 Temperature Converter  A temperature converter is used to find other temperature units. We can calculate temperature by using the temperature conversion formula. In electronics circuits , we used temperature sensors for temperature monitoring and overheating.    Usually Celsius scale is used to display the temperature of the atmosphere, but for humans, temperature is measured in Fahrenheit. Temperature Converter Temperature Converter Convert  Temperature Converter Formula Temperature converter formula to find values in Celsius to Fahrenheit, Kelvin  Celsius            ⇨      Fahrenheit:        F =   C(9/5) + 32 Fahrenheit     ⇨       Celsius :               C = (F-32) (5/9) Celsius           ⇨       Kelvin:                K = C + 273.15 Fahrenheit     ⇨      Kelvin:                K =   (F-32) (5/9) + 273.15 Kelvin            ⇨        Celsius :               C = K - 273.15 Kel

Capacitor Unit Converter, Capacitor Types, usage

Capacitor Unit Converter, Capacitor Types, and Usage A Capacitor is an electronic component or device that stores energy. that depends on the types of  different dielectric materials. The capacitor is used in a large number of electronic circuits and electrical components.  The Capacitor unit is a farad, also microfarad, and picofarad units are also used. It stored capacitance in it. Types of Capacitors and their applications It is divided into many types as per characteristics. We can categorize them according to their construction and are used in many devices. You can understand it from its symbol. It contains two plate symbols with a dielectric between these plates. We differentiate capacitor types according to their working and manufacturing. e.g. Air capacitors, Paper capacitors, Mica capacitors, etc. Capacitor Converter Capacitor Converter Enter value in picofarads (pF):
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