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Logic gates, Types with Symbols

Logic gates  The gates operation is based on Boolean algebra, which involves variables that have only two possible values: true (1) and false (0).Logic gates are fundamental building blocks used in digital circuits. “Logic gates are digital circuits or electronic circuits that manipulate  voltages, so, in effect, they manipulate the binary ones and zeros  which are moving around inside your computer.” Logic gates , and the innovative ways in which they may be combined, are thus necessary for the proper functioning of a digital computer. Boolean expression “The relationship between input and output is called Boolean expression and is  represented in binary numbers.” Binary numbers have only two possibilities. Zero and one. When dealing with the circuits, zero corresponds with the circuit in the off state and one corresponds with the circuit in the on state.  So, if we are dealing with true or false statements zero is considered false and one is considered true. If you are dealing with v

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