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Raspberry pi ! A Brief Introduction for beginners

Introduction of Raspberry pi 3:    Raspberry pi 3 is a Credit card-sized, Linux-based, single board type computer. Its first generation was released in Feb 2012 which was basically created for kids' educational programming and the third generation which is raspberry pi 3 is used as an affordable platform for learning how to code.  Creators of the pi board: Raspberry pi was created in the United Kingdom by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in association with Broadcom. We created the Raspberry Pi project  with the intention of encouraging the coaching of primary pc technology in faculties and deprived countries. The initial model was more popular than expected, selling for uses such as robotics outside of its core market.                   Following the release of the second board type, the Raspberry Pi Foundation established a new organization called Raspberry Pi Trading, with Eben Upton as CEO with responsibilities of technical development. The Foundation was re-estab

Resistor color code chart to get value quickly

Resistor color code chart A resistor is a general electronic component used in electronic circuits. It protects the circuits from over-current and maintains the limit of signals. It is a passive component of the integrated circuits. The resistor value expresses in resistance, and the unit is the ohm. ohm Law, We can calculate resistance through the ohm law, which is expressed as: I = V/R | V = IR | R = V/I Current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance. As the current increases, the voltage will increase, and resistance will decrease. We can calculate voltage and resistance values with this formula. What is resistor color code, & why is it important? To identify the value of the resistor, we can use two methods, calculating the ohm resistor value ( resistor calculator ) or by resistor color code (truth table). A resistor calculator or a resistor color code table is used to understand the value of the resistor. We use these methods for normal-s

Types of battery sizes and application with recharging formula

Battery and its Types with usage detail A battery is a device that contains chemical energy, stores it, and converts it into electrical energy. There are some batteries that are made with cells connected in series. It was Alessandro Volta who invented the battery in 1800. With these batteries, the voltage fluctuated and there was an insufficient current. Types of batteries (material) There are many types of batteries according to construction, size, and usage. But all batteries are the source of DC voltage. The battery capacity depends upon its ampere value. 1- Nickel-cadmium 2 - Lithium ion 3- Zinc-carbon  4- Silver oxide 5- Lead-acid Nickel-Cadmium batteries Nickel-cadmium batteries or NiCad batteries have a long service life and could last for years. But the disadvantage is the toxic material. However, it has the advantage of being unable to overcharge. Lithium metal batteries We use some batteries cell in small devices. We use the single cell in small devices, like digital watch

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